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Rapsodo MLM2Pro Launch Monitor | HomeCourse Golf Wall Mount Golf Simulator Package

by Rapsodo

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Original price $6,255.95 - Original price $9,416.95
Original price
$6,255.95 - $9,416.95
Current price $9,255.95
Hitting Mat Size: 4'x5'
Projector Model: BenQ LK936ST

Introducing the Rapsodo MLM2Pro | HomeCourse Golf Wall Mount Golf Simulator Package – the epitome of golfing luxury for the modern enthusiast. 

Crafted with precision and designed for indulgence, this package is your ticket to an immersive golfing experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Guard Your Reputation with Prestigious Components:
Each element of this package exudes quality and reliability. From the advanced Rapsodo MLM2Pro Launch Monitor to the versatile BenQ projector options, every component is handpicked to deliver unparalleled performance. Trusted by golfing aficionados worldwide, this package is a testament to prestige and excellence.

Win Through Action, Not Argument:
Escape the confines of busy schedules and crowded courses with ease. Immerse yourself in the stress-relieving benefits of a premium golfing experience, where every swing feels like a victory. With the Rapsodo MLM2Pro | HomeCourse Golf Wall Mount Golf Simulator Package, actions speak louder than words – and the action is pure enjoyment.

Crush Your Challenges, Embrace Victory:
Bid farewell to scheduling conflicts and weather woes. This package is your all-in-one solution to overcoming the obstacles that stand between you and your love for golf. Transform your man cave into a golfer's paradise and reclaim your leisure time with confidence.

Simplify Your Experience, Amplify Your Joy:
Forget complex installations and overwhelming technicalities. With this package, simplicity reigns supreme. Effortlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into your recreational space and elevate your golfing experience without breaking a sweat.

Join the Elite, Seize the Opportunity:
Embrace the exclusivity of the Rapsodo MLM2Pro | HomeCourse Golf Wall Mount Golf Simulator Package. With limited availability and high demand, now is your chance to join the ranks of elite golf enthusiasts. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers – invest in luxury, invest in leisure, invest in unforgettable memories.

Act Now, Elevate Your Experience:
Your ultimate golfing adventure awaits. Take the first step towards leisure and luxury today. Purchase the Rapsodo MLM2Pro | HomeCourse Golf Wall Mount Golf Simulator Package and embark on a journey of relaxation, recreation, and unparalleled joy. Your man cave will thank you, and your golf game will never be the same.


Key Features

Rapsodo MLM2Pro Launch Monitor:

  • Cutting-edge technology for precise swing and ball flight analysis.
  • Instant feedback on club speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate.
  • Portable design for use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Seamless integration with mobile devices for data tracking and analysis.

HomeCourse Golf Retractable Hitting Screen:

  • Industry-leading Pro Screen 180 design for immersive golf simulation.
  • Retractable feature allows for easy storage and space optimization.
  • Durable material ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Simple installation with the included Wall Mount Kit for hassle-free setup.

BenQ Golf Simulator Projector (Choose from LK936ST, LU935ST, or LH820ST):

  • High-resolution, bright projection for stunning visual clarity.
  • Short-throw and laser technology for flexible installation options.
  • Low input lag and high refresh rate for a responsive and smooth gaming experience.
  • Long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

Carl's Place Hitting Mat:

  • Premium turf surface mimics the feel of real grass for an authentic playing experience.
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures durability and stability during use.
  • Portable design for easy placement within your man cave or recreational space.
  • Compatible with various golf clubs, including drivers, irons, and wedges.


Immersive Golf Experience: Transform your man cave into a golfing sanctuary with lifelike simulation and advanced tracking technology.

Convenience and Flexibility: Enjoy golfing anytime, regardless of weather conditions or tee time availability, right from the comfort of your home.

Quality Family Time: Bond with your loved ones over friendly competitions and enjoyable golf sessions without leaving the house.

Space Optimization: Maximize your recreational space with the retractable hitting screen and compact projector design.

Investment in Relaxation: Enhance your leisure time with a high-quality product that offers long-term entertainment and stress relief.


What's Included

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor

  • Tripod
  • Carrying Case
  • Charging Cable
  • 3 Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X Golf Balls
  • 1 Year Premium Membership ($199 value)

HomeCourse Golf Retractable Hitting Screen

Carl's Place Hitting Mat

  • Choose between 4'x5', 4'x9', 5'x7'

BenQ Golf Simulator Projector


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