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Introducing the Ernest Sports ESB1 Launch Monitor

Unlock the Power of 3D Doppler Radar Technology

Experience precision like never before with the Ernest Sports ESB1 Launch Monitor. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D Doppler radar technology, this device offers unparalleled accuracy in measuring 6 critical data points essential for refining your game: Ball Speed, Club Speed, Distance (Total/Carry), Smash Factor, Spin Rate, and Launch Angle.

Enhanced Performance Tracking Made Effortless

Take your game to the next level with the ESB1's integrated visual display screen, providing instant feedback on your performance. Whether you prefer to use it with or without a paired device, this monitor ensures effortless performance tracking and analysis every time.

Unmatched Battery Life for Uninterrupted Sessions

Say goodbye to frequent recharges with the extended-life lithium battery of the ESB1. Enjoy up to an impressive 20 hours of continuous run time, allowing you to focus solely on perfecting your swing without worrying about power interruptions.

Seamless Connectivity with the ES Range App

Maximize your practice sessions with the free ES Range App included with the ESB1. This versatile app offers GPS functionality, cloud storage, video analysis, and much more, providing you with comprehensive tools to refine your skills and track your progress effortlessly.

Experience Accuracy, Ease-of-Use, and Long Battery Life

Designed for players who demand the utmost accuracy, ease-of-use, and extended battery life, the Ernest Sports ESB1 Launch Monitor is the ultimate personal companion for your man cave. Simply position the launch monitor 4 to 6 feet behind you, and let the accuracy and convenience of the ESB1 elevate your game to new heights.

Elevate your game today with the Ernest Sports ESB1 Launch Monitor – your ticket to precision, performance, and progress.


Color: White
Dimensions: 8"(h) x 5.25" (w) x 1.5" (d)
Weight: 1 lb, 3.7 oz
Power: 7.4v Lithium Ion Battery 3,000 mAh
Display: 1.5" (h) x 4.5" (w)
Operating Temperature: 32-110 degrees Fahrenheit

Owner's Manual

ESB1 Owner's Manual

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