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Carl's Place PRO C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

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Original price $2,979.95 - Original price $7,794.95
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$2,979.95 - $7,794.95
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Size: 8'x10.5'
Depth: 5'
Include Add-Ons: Yes

Introducing Carl's Place PRO C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit

Top-of-the-line Performance

Elevate your golf simulation experience to unprecedented heights with the Carl's Place PRO C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit. This top-of-the-line solution is meticulously designed for enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best. Immerse yourself in the world of precision and realism as you take your swings within the confines of this exceptional enclosure.

Easy Installation

Say goodbye to complicated setups. The Carl's Place PRO C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit is engineered for easy installation, ensuring that you spend less time assembling and more time perfecting your swing. With clear-cut instructions and all the necessary fittings included, you'll have your golf haven up and running in no time. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free installation without compromising on quality.

Reasonable Pricing

Unlock the potential of professional-grade golf simulation without breaking the bank. The Carl's Place PRO C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit offers reasonable pricing without compromising on performance. Take your passion for golf to the next level without the hefty price tag, making it an affordable choice for both casual players and serious enthusiasts alike.

Turf-to-Screen Setup Creates Immersive Experience

Step onto the green without leaving the comfort of your space. This kit features a turf-to-screen setup that creates a truly immersive golfing experience. The high-quality black knit fabric panels envelop you in a smooth and sleek design, transporting you to the heart of the golf course. Enjoy every swing as if you were outdoors, thanks to the immersive ambiance crafted by our thoughtfully designed enclosure.

Additional Cross Bar for Electronics Setup on Deeper Bays

Unleash the full potential of your golf simulator with the additional crossbar included in the Carl's Place PRO C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit. Designed for deeper bays, this feature allows for efficient and organized placement of electronics. Whether it's setting up cameras, sensors, or other devices, the additional crossbar ensures that your technology is seamlessly integrated into your setup, enhancing the overall functionality of your golf simulator.

Carl's Place PRO C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit Includes:

  • Fabric Panels: High-quality black knit fabric ceiling and wall panels for a smooth, sleek design.
  • Golf Impact Screen with Cable: Premium triple-layer, heavy-duty, tight-knit, impact-resistant polyester.
  • 2” Fittings: Corner and connector fittings for assembling the enclosure frame (pipes sold separately).
  • Fasteners: Tension-adjustable ball bungees, releasable zip-ties, and cable receivers for securing the enclosure and screen to the frame.
  • Cut Sheet & Instructions: Assembly instructions and a diagram for the enclosure, with 2” EMT Pipe Lengths required for assembly. Purchase the pipes locally and cut them down for a customized fit, or buy our add-on package that includes the pipes needed.






Enhance Your Golf Simulator Setup with Exclusive Accessories

Precision Pipe Framing Kit
Upgrade your assembly process with our 1” pre-cut and marked pipes, eliminating the need for pipe cutting or hauling. Enjoy the convenience of exact lengths, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free framing experience.

Comfortable Foam Insert Kit
Tailored to perfection, our memory foam insert kit is cut to size, effortlessly slipping behind the flaps. This not only protects the frame but also adds an extra layer of safety, providing peace of mind during your golf sessions.

Sleek Back Cover
Achieve the highest quality projected image by eliminating all light leaks with our back cover. This accessory not only enhances image clarity but also gives your enclosure a polished and finished look, elevating the overall aesthetic.

Safety Baffles for Added Protection
Spanning the enclosure, our safety baffles are strips of vinyl hanging down 6 inches from the ceiling. Designed to catch and knock down high-angle shots, these baffles provide an additional measure of safety, ensuring a secure environment for your golf simulator.

Net Wall Extensions for Precision
Easily attach net wall extensions onto the enclosure for added depth, keeping errant balls in the hitting area. This accessory ensures a more controlled environment, enhancing the precision of your golf simulator experience.

Complete your golf simulator setup with these exclusive accessories, crafted to elevate your experience and provide unmatched convenience and safety.



Minimum Frame Size: 102”H x 102”W x 24”D

Maximum Frame Size: 123”H x 240”W x 240” D

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Customer Reviews

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Craig F.
Worth the money

Bought a Build Your Own - PRO Enclosure and the 5'x10' Country Club Elite Mat. Two men were able to assemble the enclosure in under 2 hours. The directions were helpful and this thing is as robust as it can be. Very happy and worth the extra money..