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BBO Poker Tables Aces Pro Alpha Poker Table Set


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$4,451.00 - $5,967.00
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Chair Amount: 6
Color: Black

Welcome to Elevated Entertainment: Aces Pro Alpha Folding Leg Poker Table with Showdown Pro Poker Gaming Chairs

Craft Your Ultimate Entertainment Space
Transform your home into the ultimate entertainment destination with the Aces Pro Alpha Folding Leg poker table and Showdown Pro Poker Gaming Chairs. Elevate every game night, from casual gatherings to intense showdowns, with the mesmerizing glow of customizable LED lights.

Unrivaled Durability, Unmatched Convenience
Featuring Strong As Hell (SAH) folding legs, this redesigned masterpiece can hold up to 700lbs, ensuring durability that stands the test of time. Say goodbye to cumbersome furniture and hello to premium convenience with our folding-leg design, perfect for seamless storage and setup.

Fully Customizable: Your Vision, Your Reality
Make your mark with the fully customizable Aces Pro Alpha table. From LED colors to table surfaces, armrests to cupholders, every detail is tailored to your unique style and preferences. Create a one-of-a-kind entertainment space that reflects your personality and captivates every guest who enters.

Crafted for Prestige, Built for Royalty
Step into a realm of exclusivity and prestige with the Aces Pro Alpha Folding Leg poker table. Crafted with precision and adorned with innovation, this masterpiece is a testament to your discerning taste. Reign supreme in your entertainment empire and let your space reflect your regal essence.

Adaptability: The Key to Entertainment Mastery
With the Aces Pro Alpha table, flexibility is woven into every fiber. Whether you're hosting a high-stakes tournament or a casual game night, this table effortlessly transforms to suit your needs. Fold it, unfold it, customize it—let it mold to the contours of your imagination and become the centerpiece of your ever-evolving entertainment space.

Elevate Your Game, Elevate Your Space
Seize the throne of entertainment and elevate your domain to new heights with the Aces Pro Alpha Folding Leg poker table and Showdown Pro Poker Gaming Chairs. Upgrade your game, elevate your space, and unleash the full potential of your entertainment empire today.

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